About us

A total of 34 rooms in different sizes and designs are waiting for guests in the Hotel eLoftHOTEL. All rooms are decorated in a modern style, and you will be able to enjoy the comfort of 3-PLUS stars.

We are located in the Naujamiestis microdistrict, near the Old Town (Senamiestis in Lithuanian) in the heart of Vilnius. The eLoftHOTEL is the first loft-style hotel in Vilnius.

Our guests have access to free parking, Wi-Fi and a sauna, just a few of the extra benefits when you stay at our hotel. We want to make you feel welcome.

Since we first opened our doors in 2001, we have striven to offer quality services and accessible prices that are suitable for all our customers. Our hotel is respectful and family-friendly, and our employees seek to make every guest not just satisfied, but keen to visit us again.

Selective waste collection

We do our best to make the eLoftHOTEL more ecological and environmentally friendly. We therefore carry out selective waste collection, with recyclable paper, plastic and glass going in separate containers. We take care of quickly decomposing waste, metal and other types of rubbish, and hotel rooms are equipped with bins for paper and glass waste. We kindly request your contribution. Thank you!

Eco-friendly bed-sheet washing

Fresh and soft bed sheets are important for a quality sleep. What matters most is that our bed sheets are washed by enterprice “Joglė” with eco-friendly products that are certified by the European Union and marked with the EU Ecolabel. These products are certified by dermatologists and contain no phosphates or allergenic components. The bed sheets in our hotel are therefore suitable for people with sensitive, allergic and dry skin.

Eco-friendly room design

Our goal is to make the eLoftHOTEL environment as ecological and guest-friendly as possible. In the rooms, we used lots of natural raw wood that does not impact on either the environment or your health. The autonomous ventilation system removes dust and ensures the freshness and cleanliness of the air. For safety and hygiene reasons, smoking in rooms is not allowed.


We kindly ask you to leave unclean and used towels on the bathroom floor. Towels that are still in use should be left hanging. In this way, we can reduce the number of washing cycles and help to reduce water pollution. Thank you!

Saving electricity and water

We should treasure one of the most import resources in life: water. We also encourage our guests to join us in saving electricity. We have therefore installed power-saving light bulbs on the eLoftHOTEL premises. Dear guests, please join us by not leaving water running, using the shower instead of the bath tub and not leaving the light on when you exit the room. Thank you!

We look forward to your visit!